Enjoy Nature, Enjoy Life!

Long ago i read somewhere,

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

I always lived my life at its fullest, i lived every moment, enjoyed every moment. Traveling is still one of the best part of my life. Its been 14 years since i am traveling and during this i cam accross many people in my life mostly while traveling, i made many friends while traveling. One of the thing which i use to observe is that just like other matters of life, people always rush in traveling, one of the reason is proper guidance and knowledge about the place and some aesthetics of traveling.

From where i get an idea to start a platform where i can actually help people in traveling and exploring different destinations even if they feel sometimes tired or try to give up during treks i just make them realize that at the end it will be nothing as compare the sight they are going to witness.

Event Guardians is here to help you for your traveling, we are not in hurry to make customers but we want to help you in exploring your destination, understanding your destination knowing your destination and enjoy the real taste of your destinations.

I'm an traveler - I like to keep traveling no matter how busy i am and now i also feel happiness when people also get the same feeling and they actually enjoy their time while traveling.

Why Choose Us?

Let us tell you few facts


We are not worried about a competition or running in race with anyone, our sole focus is to provide our customers with best services with respect to Guide, Transport, Accommodation and guidance of Destination


Royal Hotels

We deal in all kind of hotel, hut, camping pod, camping and glampe. All you need to do is provide us with your requirement and we will make you wil lhave a best experience.



Transport plays a key role in traveling, with a dream destination, perfect travel partner and a guide you do need a comfortable transport which will make your travel more comfortable.



We are living in a world which is exponentially growing on digital medium and yes we latest phones and cameras, everyone wants to take pictures/selfies to capture their moments, so don't worry about it, our team also take care of it and will take memorable pics on all wonderful spots which you will remember for rest of your life


Expert Guides

You will get best guides with us. We will send you under supervision of our best guides, who has spend almost a decade or more than that doing traveling, their experience will guide your and let you make a more memorable experience for yourself.


Best Destinations

Every destination is beautiful but everyone has their on taste in traveling. We will guide you and provide assistance on any destination of your wish without any compromise on quality.

Accomodation and Activities

Event Guardians will assist you everywhere in Pakistan for your accommodation, activities, transport, traveling and etc.

Our mission is to establish a platform for tourism, where people from Pakistan and outside Pakistan can trust for their travel activities.
We want to see Pakistan among top Tourist Countries, for that we are raising the bar for a travel company where people won't hesitate to trust or hire for their services.
Our Goal is to let people just focus on exploring the Pakistan, without having any concern about the route, transport, destination or any other thing. Event Guardians will always be one call away from you.

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Our Guides

Muhammad Arslan

Muhammad Arsalan

Trip Guide/Hiker

Arslan is very talented and cooperative guide and hiker. He is associated with us for last 4 years as guide. Even clients. now take him on demand as a guide.

Muhammad Nouman

Muhammad Nouman

Nouman has been associated with us for last 3 years and our customers are always satisfied with his working style and ethics as a guide.